About Us

Artisan’s Cellar was born from a trip to Italy with my wife and adult children in 2008. There is no better way to experience Italy than through the diversity of its culture and the unique charm each region has to offer. The wines we tasted and the cultures and gracious people we encountered throughout our trip truly captured my heart. I returned home and began researching and tasting wines constantly, almost obsessively.

My family and I formed friendships with our guide in Italy, Amy Wadman, and many others including her friend, Summer Wolff. The following year, the two traveled to West Chester, Pennsylvania, and were guests in our home. We shared many late nights talking about tours, wine, food, family, and our experiences while enjoying some wines from their friend Fabrizio Iuli, which helped fuel our creativity. Our ideas and conversations flowed in a way similar to the 2004 Barabba we consumed: easy-going, fresh, complex, and persistent as they evolved for hours after opening. Within the year, Artisan’s Cellar was born, Summer founded Indie Wineries in New York and Piemonte, and Amy began producing olive oils at Costa Digiano in Le Marche. The connections we forged in Italy grew into lifelong friendships and enduring business relationships. I’m proud to say, Artisan’s Cellar represents both Indie Wineries and Costa Digiano to this day.

Founded in 2009, Artisan’s Cellar cultivates and distributes a portfolio of wines selected by eight national importers, our own hand-picked direct imports, and wine in a variety of formats. Our Italian selections, driven by tradition and the relationship between food and wine, have grown to represent nearly all of the country’s 20 regions. We have stepped beyond Italy into France to further our collection from winemakers who farm with respect for soil life and the environment, and produce wines without additives or unnecessary manipulation that focus on terroir and honesty. As we grow, we are continuing down this path into other regions including Spain, Chile, Slovenia, Croatia, and the United States. We built a new building, expanded our staff, and launched the largest keg filling operation in the eastern United States in 2014.

We’re grateful for the interest and enthusiasm you share for the wines in our portfolio. We pledge our continuous effort toward being your most reliable source to learn about, taste, and enjoy both old favorites and many new wine offerings to come.


The Team




Scott Braunschweig


Scott founded Artisan’s Cellar in 2009 after traveling to Italy on a wine and gourmet-focused family vacation where he experienced his “Wine Epiphany.”

Scott grew up in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing Management at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He joined a leading manufacturer of CNC machine tools and received extensive sales engineering training before relocating to West Chester, Pennsylvania, in 1980, where he progressed in sales management over the next 12 years.

Scott founded Automation Solutions, Inc., a West Chester-based machine tool dealership, from scratch in 1992 and built a formidable portfolio of innovative products and services, becoming one of the Mid-Atlantic’s premier machinery dealers for nearly 25 years.

After his wine epiphany, and with extensive distribution experience, a keen interest in wine and fine dining, plus valued Italian wine contacts, Scott formed Artisan’s in 2009 and serves as President. With the help of our professional team, Artisan’s has assembled an amazing portfolio of high-quality wines from small producers in Italy, France, Spain, and other regions.

Artisan’s helped win approval from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to distribute wine in kegs through the PLCB’s Special (Liquor) Order Program in 2012. Realizing the huge potential for keg wines akin to the craft beer industry, Artisan’s expanded into a large winery, storage, and distribution facility in 2014 to fill kegs with wine for national distribution.

Scott and his family live in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and they all enjoy travel, friends and family, cooking, and sharing wine and good times together every chance they get.




Operations Manager

Angela Riccetti

Operations Manager

Angela started working in the restaurant business during her time at West Chester University, where she studied musical theatre and history. After college, she followed her childhood dream of becoming a cast member on Saturday Night Live all the way to Chicago, where she graduated from the Conservatory Program at Second City as well as the iO Theater.

While working at Spacca Napoli, a Neapolitan Pizzeria in Chicago, she became more and more interested in wine; realizing it was not only for the sole purpose of getting drunk anymore, and it took on a deeper meaning for her. Before coming back to the East Coast, Angela took a few months to experience the fine art of dolce far niente, where she ate and drank her way through Italy.

Once she returned to the Philadelphia area, she continued her wine education and began working in restaurants once again. After over ten years in the business, holding every position from barista to general manager, she was given the opportunity to work for Artisan’s. During one of her positions as a restaurant manager, Angela was a buyer/fan of Artisan’s Cellar’s wines, finding them unique, interesting, and altogether delicious.

Angela takes great pride in her new found employment and hopes her talents will help the Artisan’s Cellar continue to grow.

When she’s not drinking wine—well, while she’s drinking wine—Angela enjoys travelling, cooking, gardening, and spending time with her miniature dachshund.




Winery Manager

Miles Basila

Winery Manager

Miles grew up in the Northeastern Pennsylvania town of Moscow, not far from Scranton. Growing up in a Lebanese household created an early interest in food. Spending time with his family meant spending time in the kitchen. Miles was given the opportunity to show off his cooking skills when he was hired as a chef at Lackawanna Station Hotel. As much as he loved working in the kitchen, he decided a more stable environment in the behind-the-scenes food world would be a better fit. Miles enrolled at Penn State University earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science, hoping to land a job in research and development or quality control.

His first job out of college would end up evoking a brand new passion. Miles started working as a cellar hand at Mazza Vineyards outside Erie. Throwing himself into this new world of wine, it wasn’t long before he was promoted to assistant winemaker.

At the same time, an old classmate of Miles’, Virginia Mitchell, was working as the head winemaker at Galer Estates Winery in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. When she heard about the great contributions he was making up at Mazza, she put in a good word, and it wasn’t long before Miles made the move down and took a position at Galer.

With his experience operating the bottling line at Mazza, Miles was also able to help out at Artisan’s Cellar, as they needed someone to oversee their new kegging operation. Through research and hard work, Miles is now the Winery Manager and couldn’t be more thrilled to join the team. Miles currently lives in Newark, Delaware, and enjoys playing soccer, working out, and researching wine to expand his knowledge and palate.




Wine Sales Consultant

Justin Scappaticci

Wine Sales Consultant

Justin grew up helping his father and uncles make wine. This experience would help him later in his wine career. However, Justin took a slight detour along the way, as he studied acting and became classically trained in Shakespearean theatre. He would use this degree to launch a remarkably below-average acting career, but eventually achieved some minor success by becoming a founding member and marketing director for a very successful theatre company, formed with former classmates and actors, that produced classical and under-produced works throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Justin's passion for acting allowed him time to supplement his lack of income with work in restaurants, where he discovered two things: money and a love of wine. He eventually traded the theatre stage for the restaurant floor and worked his way into various management positions, creating wine and cocktail lists for restaurants throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Eventually his passion for wine took over and he needed to explore it full-time. Justin took a sales position with a large wine and spirits distributor, selling in territories from Central Pennsylvania to Philadelphia. This position allowed him to hone his skills by selling a diverse portfolio of high-volume, well-recognized, and value-driven brands along with cult classics and boutique selections. It was here that he met his soulmate in life and wine, Kate, a Cornell graduate whose mutual love of Champagne and Finger Lakes' Riesling caused Justin to fall in love immediately. A serendipitous meeting put Justin in contact with Artisan's Cellar where an instant connection to the portfolio lead to his accepting a sales position.

Justin resides on the Main Line with Kate and their furry roommate, The Great Catsby. He is extremely excited to work for the Artisan's Cellar where he can combine two of his passions: storytelling and fantastic wine.




Wine Sales Consultant

Marc Devlin

Wine Sales Consultant

Marc began his career in the wine trade over twenty years ago, accepting a sales position with a small importer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he honed his palate on old world wines as well as new, small production wineries from around the world.

Approached by one of his best accounts, Marc accepted a position to move into the retail side of the wine business, working in a small, progressive wine shop in Boston’s South End. While managing the shop, customer relations became a core principle of Marc’s business acumen and philosophy.

A move to New York City would change Marc’s impression of selling wine at the retail level. In NYC, he was introduced to the Private Client Relations model of selling at the prestigious Manhattan retailer Morrell & Company. Marc cultivated relationships with his retail clients through phone calls, emails and wine-themed dinners. After five years, he was recruited to join the recently opened Italian Wine Merchants. Marc expanded his education in the industry by selling some of the most prestigious wines of Italy to his select clientele.

Branching out on his own had always been Marc’s dream and a move back to his hometown of Easton, Pennsylvania would make this a reality. For the past 12 years, Marc has operated a wine consulting business that helped his clients with cellar acquisitions, cellar management, and often divestitures. Marc continued to host curated wine dinners for his clients, enabling him to taste some of the most exceptional wines in the world. While these tastings were a rare treat, the reality of what wines he wanted to enjoy with his friends and loved ones brought him to the Natural Wine world.

Marc’s connections with the New York wine trade, his passion for naturally made wines, as well as food and frequent travel, prompted a referral from one of Artisan’s Cellars’ importers, which resulted in Marc joining Artisan’s in January 2017. Marc is excited to be a part of this enthusiastic and dedicated team.

Marc continues to reside in the bustling, historic downtown of Easton with his wife and two young children.




Wine Sales Consultant

David Robinson

Wine Sales Consultant

David Robinson is a seasoned hospitality professional with nearly twenty-five years of experience in some of the finest restaurants in Philadelphia and around the country.

His career started modestly enough – Serving at such “iconic” institutions as the Spaghetti Warehouse and TGIFriday’s in the early 90s. To this day, David still cringes at the thought of ever wearing suspenders again.

The big move to fine dining came in the mid-90s - bussing tables at Striped Bass and Susanna Foo while still attending Temple University for Business and Marketing. It was during these early formative years that David first gained an appreciation for wine.  It was the hay day of the boutique Napa Cab craze and there seemed to be no limit to people’s expense accounts.  It was an intoxicating time to be starting in the “biz.”  Needless to say, he was hooked.

From there, David moved on to the Starr Restaurant Organization for twelve years, including nearly seven years with world-renowned Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. He developed a taste for sake and shochu, and first began to experiment with food and wine pairings.  David formed a true and passionate love for Riesling, which he still carries to this day.

It was also while working at Morimoto that David met his beautiful wife, Ronni.

The couple left Philadelphia in 2011 for seasonal opportunities on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and from there, they moved to the ski slopes of Park City, Utah. During those two years out west, David got to work with some fantastic persons including USA Today’s Sommelier of the year, Cara Schwindt, at Stein Eriksen Lodge, as well as award-winning Salt Lake City restaurateur, Scott Evans.

After a couple of years away, it was time to return home to Philadelphia for wedding bells and new opportunities. David enjoyed several roles at the sadly short-lived Avance, as well as a turn as General Manager at a.kitchen.  His most recent position has been at Jose Garces’ and Forbes 5-Star rated Volver in the Kimmel Center.  Through his job as Wine Director there, David came to know the wines of Artisan’s Cellar.  It seemed every bottle his Artisan’s rep, Justin Scappaticci, opened for him became his new favorite.

When the opportunity to join Artisan’s came up, David jumped at it without hesitation. Although new to wine sales, David has walked in the shoes of his customers for decades, so he brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of wine buying and high-level restaurant operations.